Four To The Floor 10

Four To The Floor 10
Various Artists

Release Date: 26.11.2014

DIYFTTF10 | UPC: 4018939327927 | Release Date: 2017-09-01

Tracklist: 1. Upercent - Caos (Original Mix) (08:06 min.) 2. Eclept - Rhythm For Me (Original Mix) (07:39 min.) 3. Giza Djs feat. Melody Stranger - Reflection (Original Mix) (06:52 min.) 4. BOg feat. Tim Engelhardt - Why Should (Original Mix) (08:31 min.)

The 10th edition of “Four To The Floor” is here. Diynamic Music’s very own various artist series, which is always comprised of four dancefloor-oriented tracks that have one special quality in common: they have all been heavily road tested and certified by label boss Solomun on his countless gigs all over the world.

First up is “Caos” by Valencia-based Upercent, a percussion-heavy, densely layered journey through the African Jungle. Next comes straight Techno from Russia, namely “Rhythm for Me” by Eclept. Track 3 called “Reflection” by gizA feat. Melody Stranger is a melodic Tech House production and closing off is dreamy and melancholic Deep House track “Why Should” by BOg feat. Tim Engelhardt.