5 Years Diynamic - Charity Compilation

5 Years Diynamic - Charity Compilation
Various Artists

Catalog No: DIYNAMIC #CD08/LP08
Release Date: 16.07.2012

After five years of its highly successful existence, after founding its sister-label 2DIY4, after opening its own club EGO in Hamburg, after sending its artists all around the globe, and after having brought more than 50 releases into this world - it´s time to celebrate Diynamic´s fifth birthday! And this charity-compilation is Diynamic´s gift for all of you.

All benefits of this compilation will be donated to Kinderhospiz Sternenbrücke, an organization that accompanies terminally ill children in the last time of their lifes. The Kinderhospiz is Hamburg-based and currently collecting funds for a room used for music-therapy.

The sampler is split into two CDs, one to show Diynamic´s current sound and one to cross the borders of house-music, to refresh Diynamic´s greatest hits.

In five years Diynamic has become a big family and of course each member has to be part of Diynamic´s fifth birthday compilation. Solomun, Stimming, David August, H.O.S.H., UNER, Ost & Kjex, DJ Phono, Adriatique, Thyladomid, Hunter/Game and Liem all did awesome exclusive tracks for the first CD of the compilation. Aiming to define Diynamic´s current sound, the different family-members did wonderful and powerful tracks easily reaching their aims.

On the second CD artists from completely different genres of music got their hands on the greatest hits of Diynamic. They remix, rework, or cover a song from Diynamic´s catalogue with the intention to bring it to their very own level. Hot Chip, Digitalism, Cassius, WhoMadeWho and many, many more have taken part in this charity-project to increase the donations for Kinderhospiz Sternenbrücke. And of cours,e they have created unbelievable tracks.

This compilation is a must-have for anybody that has been following Diynamic in the past years and for anyone that wants to start following now. It´s a milestone in the label´s history and all in all it´s the best gift you could imagine.