1. Nachtjournal Solomun
  2. Tagesschau (Jackmate Remix) Solomun & Gebrüder Ton
  3. Tagesschau (Original Mix) Solomun & Gebrüder Ton

Because it was so much fun the last time Solomun & Gebrüder Ton are doing it again. As always they are back on the dancefloor just in time with their track “Tagesschau” (Daily News).
Flanked by a Monster-Jackmate-Remix that will please every dancers heart, followed by “Nachtjournal” (Late Night News), Solomuns definition of Chicago House.

A1: Tagesschau (Solomun & Gebrüder Ton)

Groovy housechords – magic strings. klick, klack – knarz and rave.

B1: Tagesschau (Jackmate Remix)

Jackmates dancefloor-monster.

B2: Nachtjournal (Solomun)

Warm deeper Chicago House.

[DIY004] Solomun & Gebrüder Ton – Nachrichten EP

Artist : , ,
Title : Nachrichten EP
Release Date : 15. Dezember 2006
Label : ,
Catalog ref. : DIYNAMIC004