Our European dream team this time features, Parisian new comer Julian Sandre with the opener ‘Satisfaction’. Then we head to the Dutch city of Rotterdam where Furrr and Hazendonk with ‘Rupert’, confirm that the capital is not the only city with the funk phenomena.

Our next stop is the south of France to find Acumen and the subtle, tribal-tinged deepness of ‘Nice Victory’. Finally its to Germany to hook up with our good friend and Diynamic family member Markus Homm. He rounds out the EP with the mean and moody ‘Gone To Soon’.

Choose your weapon(s)!

A1: Julien Sandre – Satisfaction A2: Furrr & Hazendonk – Rupert

B1: Acumen – Nice Victory
B2: Markus Homm – Gone To Soon

[DIY035] Various Artists – United EP

Release Date : 22. February 2010
Artists : Acumen, Furrr, Hazendonk, Julien Sandre, Markus Homm
Catalog ref. : DIYNAMIC035