After his debut album “Connecting The Dots” at the end of 2010 and several remixes in 2011, H.O.S.H. finally returns to Diynamic Music with some fresh productions and a statement:
“Life is Music is Life”. That’s the name of his upcoming, long awaited EP, showing new sides of his verified and openminded taste in music. H.O.S.H. presents us three astonishing original takes on vocal music, all featuring the soulfull singer Malonda.

The opener “What Do You Want Me To Say?” is an immediate hymn consisting of an emotive vocal supported by sexy percussions, an impulsive cowbell and a deep, pumping bass. Totally focussing on getting people to move. This one will stick right into your head.
On the A2 H.O.S.H. again introduces a straight groove but this time he combines it with repetitive vocals, hypnotic synth-sounds building up tension and even some slight strings. “Hidden Pleasures” is an instant viber.

The finisher “High!” is slow and a true groover with a gripping bassline, drifting melodies and a vocal singing a short story about those special moments on the floor that we all know. In the end H.O.S.H. has managed to re-introduce himself without even focussing on this.

A1: H.O.S.H. – What Do You Want Me To Say (feat. Malonda) A2: H.O.S.H. – Hidden Pleasures (feat. Malonda)
B1: H.O.S.H. – High! (with NTFO feat. Malonda)


[DIY055] H.O.S.H. – Life is Music is Life EP

Release Date : 12. January 2012
Artist : H.O.S.H.
Catalog ref. : DIYNAMIC055