Diynamics new member duo Hunter/Game suprise with their first Diynamic release.
The two young boys from Italy, Emmanuele Nicosia and Martino Bertola, bringing a really nice groove with them! Its exactly the sound, Diynamic stands for: Deep basslines combined with groovy, harmonic vocals add up to the newest Diynamic EP “Reckless Lady”.
On their first visit to Diynamic’s residency club, the EGO in Hamburg, Hunter/Game gave a first impression of the love and enthusiasm they have for their music.
The first track “Under” opens with a clear message: These boys really know what they are doing! Driving Hi-Hats, a pumping, deep bassline and smooth vocals are giving this track a pretty nice groove. The second track on the EP “Boogie Music” sets apart from the other tracks. This cooperation with FreakMe is getting really funky! A beautiful vocal part, that is developing its full power in the first breake will make you move!
With “Reckless Lady”, the third track on the EP, Hunter/Game made a perfect club tune. Its again the nice combination of an accented, deep bassline, a repeating, catchy vocal and powering percussions that makes this track so nice. The EP ends with “Crazy Enough”, a melodic tune with epic vocals! All in all Hunter/Game proved their feeling for the special deep house sound, Diynamic stands for and produced a great first EP.

A1: Hunter/Game – Under
B1: Hunter/Game & FreakMe – Boogie Music B1: Hunter/Game – Reckless Lady
B2: Hunter/Game – Crazy Enough


[DIY057] HunterGame – Reckless Lady EP

Release Date : 19. April 2012
Artist : Hunter/Game
Catalog ref. : DIYNAMIC057