1. Rollox 1:00
  2. Numb 1:00
  3. Ion 1:00

DIY072 | UPC: 827170568969 | Release Date (digital & vinyl): 06.10.2014

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Tracklist 12″: A1 Adriatique – Rollox 6:16 min. A2 Adriatiqe – Numb 7:16 min. B1 Adriatique – Ion 8:37 min

DJ and production duo Adrian Schweizer and Adrian Shala aka Adriatique hail from Switzerland and this summer have served up some huge hits. Now they are back with more on home label Diynamic in the form of their Rollox EP.

The duo have also been tearing up Ibiza with their great sets this summer, as well as touring all over Europe and ahead of heading to Australia in October, so this new EP is a great treat.

The title track goes first and is a tough, tense bit of tech with dark voices, sinewy synths and groaning basslines that keep high intensity levels of energy going throughout.

Next up is ‘Numb’, a deep and shadowy house track with lots of alien life forms inside roaming about freely. Smart synths, lots of filters and spooky melodies make this an intergalactic delight that takes you to another world. Last track ‘Ion’ is a more lively but just as deep track that comes from another galaxy. Sci-fi effects, smooth drums and sombre, Vangelis like synths all make this a perfectly future sounding track that will create lots of drama on the dancefloor.

Adriatique are defining the modern house sound so you will be sure to hear these classics in the making somewhere before too long.


[DIY072] Adriatique – Rollox EP

Release Date : 6. October 2014
Artist : Adriatique
Catalog ref. : DIYNAMIC072