1. Camargo 1:00
  2. Gemini 1:00
  3. Carpo 1:00
  4. Inmost Sense 1:00

DIY077 | UPC: 4056813003437 | Release Date (digital): 20.04.2015

Digital only

Tracklist: 1 Undercatt – Camargo 7:29 min. 2 Undercatt – Gemini 6:14 min. 3 Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul – Carpo 7:33 min. 4 Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul – Inmost Sense 8:21 min.

The 77th release on definitive house label Diynamic is a collaborative affair that finds Italian producer Undercatt turn out two great tracks, and Dutch duo Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul serving up two more.

These are producers who have been carefully picked out by Diynamic before now and were given a window on the four part Four to the Floor EP series last year. Having been carefully nurtured, the producers now impress yet again with their fine contributions here.

Undercatt is first with ‘Camarago’, a hard hitting cut with thudding kick drums and a real sense of tension in its grooves. More fantastic melodies and tough synth lines explode at the mid point and will no doubt send hands in the air. Then it’s ‘Gemini’, a deep, moody track that is slow and seductive. Glassy tinkles and groaning synths make for a very tender atmosphere but as those synths grow, so the track becomes full of light and uplifts you as it goes.

Then, Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul offer ‘Carpo’, another tough tech track with big drums, futuristic, sci-fi synths searching the landscape and some spine tingling melodies and robot bass all making for epic listening. Finally, the pair then present a more laid-back and romantic sound with their ‘Inmost Sense’. Here lush chords, sweeping synths and a beachy breeze all make for pleasure deep house listening that is genuinely musical.

Once again here Diynamic have conjured up some magical house goodness for the months ahead, and with it announce the arrival of some very real new talents.


[DIY077] Various Artists – Duologue EP

Release Date : 20. April 2015
Artists : Roberto Calzetta, Twin Soul, Undercatt
Catalog ref. : DIYNAMIC077