1. Easy (Original Mix) 2:30
  2. Easy (Undercatt Remix) 2:30
  3. Easy (Lehar & Musumeci Remix) 2:30

DIYNAMIC081 | UPC: 4018939289331 | Release Date: 02.10.2015

Tracklist:  01 – Ost & Kjex – Easy (Original Mix) (04:40 min.) 02 – Ost & Kjex – Easy (Undercatt Remix) (08:24 min.) 03 – Ost & Kjex – Easy (Lehar & Musumeci Remix) (06:58 min)

Ahead of their much anticipated full album „Freedom Wig“ – coming on the label in November – Ost & Kjex serve up a brand new teaser single on Diynamic. The brilliantly woozy track „Easy“ comes with remixes by label newbies Undercatt and Lehar & Musumeci. 

Norwegian pair Ost & Kjex are Petter Haavik and Tore Gjedrem and over the last ten years they have contributed many great cuts to the Diynamic discography. As well as this they have released on Punkt Music and Luna Flicks and are known for their playful, off kilter sounds. 

In original form, „Easy“ is a deep and broody song with delicate, intimately whispered vocals, playful, colourful little synth motifs and rainy melodies. There are no beats, instead the song gently flows to and fro and really sucks you in. 

The Undercatt remix flips the track into a more club ready tune with rubbery beats and soaring synth lines that will really see it soar in clubs. Then Lehar & Musumeci add their own deep drums, slick grooves and moody atmospheres to the track for their remix. 


This new single is a brilliant one and really bids excitant before the full album in November. 


[DIY081] Ost & Kjex – Easy Remix EP

Release Date : 2. October 2015
Artists : Lehar, Musumeci, Ost & Kjex, Undercatt
Catalog ref. : DIYNAMIC081