1. DIY084 - Ost & Kjex - Honky Tonk (Rampa Remix) 2:00
  2. DIY084 - Ost & Kjex - Queen Of Europe feat. Anne Lise Frøkedal (Solomun Remix) 2:00
  3. DIY084 - Ost & Kjex - Down River - (Christian Löffler Remix) 2:00
  4. DIY084 - Ost & Kjex - Heart Of Gold (Johannes Brecht Acoustic Remix) 2:00

DIYNAMIC084 | UPC: | Release Date: 15.04.2016 | Digital only

Tracklist:  1. Ost & Kjex – Honky Tonk (Rampa Remix) (06:57 min.)  2. Ost & Kjex – Queen Of Europe feat. Anne Lise Frøkedal (Solomun Remix) (07:46 min.) 3. Ost & Kjex – Down River feat. Hanne Kolstø (Christian Löffler Remix) (06:38 min.) 4. Ost & Kjex – Heart Of Gold (Johannes Brecht Acoustic Remix) (07:03 min)

After the success of Ost & Kjex’s brilliant new album “Freedom Wig” on Diynamic, the trendsetting house label has revisited it with the help of some talented remix artists. Rampa, Christian Löffler, Johannes Brecht and label head Solomun all turn out their own version of the originals and the results are sure to be played and danced to far and wide this summer. 

Up first, Keinemusik label founder and Berlin talent Rampa flips „Honky Tonk“ into a majestically slow burning and sumptuous Electronica cut with pained chords and magic melodies. The boss Solomun then steps up with another epic effort for „Queen Of Europe” that is nearly eight minutes of tantalizing Deep House with rubbery drums and molten chords all underpinning a sensuous vocal line from Anne Lise Frøkedal. It is a standout and emotive track that will mark the high point in any set. 

Ki Records boss and organic techno talent Christian Löffler then sends shivers up the spine with his autumnal and blissed out remix of „Down River“. Featuring woody claps, serene strings and shimmering synths it is a deep and romantic number that will warm you right though. Last but not least, Johannes Brecht serves up a perfectly synthetic and abstract acoustic version of Heart of Gold that is subtle but highly impactful.

This is another carefully curated and perfectly musical EP that will make crowds feel very real emotions as well as dance ’til their heart is content this summer.


[DIY084] Ost & Kjex – 
Freedom Wig Remixed EP

Release Date : 15. April 2016
Artists : Christian Löffler, Johannes Brecht, Ost & Kjex, Rampa, Solomun
Catalog ref. : DIYNAMIC084