1. Last Go Round 2:00
  2. Revolve and Dive 2:00
  3. What Will Be 2:00

DIYNAMIC111 | Digital-UPC: 673790034526 | Vinyl UPC: 673790034519 Release Date: 01.03.2018

Tracklist: 1 Chloé – Last Go Round (8:29 min) / 2 Chloé – Revolve and Dive (8:03 min) / 3 Chloé – What Will Be (7:20 min)

French DJ and producer Chloé makes her debut on Diynamic Music with a rousing three-tracker. After the recent release of her live-album “Endless Revisions Live” she goes right back out there with the “Sudden Impact EP” on the Hamburg-based imprint.

As a cornerstone of the French (and by now certainly the international) electronic music scene, who has been active for 20 years, Chloé understands the relevance of the visual aspects of music. As a cover she chose a photograph by Céline Clanet, which seems like a frame stolen out of a movie, saying that “we understand that something has happened, but we are not sure what – I really like these ideas of moment, time, suspended time, as if time had stopped.”

She is creating the soundscape to the portrayed landscape, and by that giving it a reference point – a sudden impact. And this is how “Last Go Round”, the opening track of her EP, feels.

“Revolve and Dive” follows up with an infectious bassline and synth elements that have “summer” and “open air” written all over them.
And closing off the EP is “What Will Be”: the layered bits of samples that morph and become part of the percussions will make it a feel good anthem for months to come.

[DIY111] Chloé – Sudden Impact EP

Release Date : 1. March 2019
Artist : Chloé
Catalog ref. : DIYNAMIC111