1. Longing (Preview) 2:27
  2. Frozen (Preview) 2:00
  3. A New Dawn (Preview) 2:00

DIYNAMIC115 | Digital-UPC: 673790034861| Vinyl-UPC: 673790034854 | MfiT- UPC: 673790034878 | Streaming-UPC: 673790034908

Release Date: 05.07.2019
Tracklist: 1 Blindsmyth – Longing (09:08 min.) / 2 Blindsmyth – Frozen (08:13

min.) / 3 Blindsmyth – A New Dawn (08:45 min.)

Tracklist 1 Blindsmyth – Longing Streaming Version (04:51 min.) / 2 Blindsmyth – Frozen Streaming Version (03:56 min.) / 3 Blindsmyth – A New Dawn Streaming Version (04:32 min.)

From spring to winter and then to summer might be an odd order for the seasons as we know it, but it’s what you’ll experience when listening to the latest Diynamic release titled “Frozen”, courtesy of Berlin-based Blindsmyth.

Opening Electronica track “Longing” starts out like the still cold soil that is being hit by the first sunrays of spring. Individual melodic elements sprout like plants and flowers once they get nourished by the warm energy of the sun after their long sleep. They slowly grow, revegetate, and paint the face of the earth in newfound green.

Title track “Frozen” sets you in the absolute peak of winter. The percussion is reminiscent of submerged glaciers that suddenly lose mass, slowly surfacing from the depth, cracking and, inch by inch with each new musical layer, uncovering their full massive hull. And then, Blindsmyth’s voice hits in full effect and dramatically cuts through the icy scenery like a soaring fiery sword, climbing higher and higher until it discharges in a powerful climax that calls for closed eyes and hands held high on any dancefloor.
“A New Dawn” leaves you on a high note: The gentle instrumentation on positively fierce drums that caresses the ear and a warm bassline that gets you in the guts linger around long after the track has played out. A summer day to remember. Blindsmyth’s latest release is as organic as electronic music can be. This is why it gets right to the heart.

[DIY115] Blindsmyth – Frozen EP

Artist : Blindsmyth