1. Retrida (Preview) 2:00
  2. Cabora (Preview) 2:00
  3. Chero (Preview) 2:00
  4. Casteri (Preview) 2:00

DIYNAMIC120 | Digital-UPC: 673790035226 | MfiT-UPC: 673790035233
Release Date: 11.10.2019

1. Angelov – Retrida (8:19 min.)
2. Angelov – Cabora (6:17 min.)
3. Angelov – Chero (7:36 min.)
4. Angelov – Casteri (6:49 min.)

An artist’s first ever release is always an exciting occurrence.

In this case, it’s the “Cabora EP” by Ukrainian DJ and producer Angelov, whose tracks Solomun has played in many sets around the globe. This and the fact that Solomun passed the tracks on to a few of his high-tier DJ friends created quite a buzz on social media for the young artist.

An EP with four rousing tracks now marks the beginning of Angelov’s producer career. If this is the beginning, the future of this young artist sure looks promising.

[DIY120] Angelov – Cabora EP

Release Date : 11. October 2019
Artist : Angelov
Catalog ref. : DIY120