Fellow Hamburg artist and long time friends of Diynamic, Digitalism, now bring their first full EP to the label. Aptly titled „Diytalism“, the duo deliver three tracks and showcase their multifarious production skills.

Opening track „Picnic“ is an emotional rollercoaster ride, colored in sincerity and grandeur. A modern tale of longing and the lunacy of heartbreak.

„Midnight Zone“ is high-octane gasoline; it’s the adrenaline rush on a wild night out; it’s pitch black leather, smashed glasses and flashing strobe light in a Paris night club.

And closing off the „Diytalism“ EP is „Easybox“, a hypnotic tune for after hour dance floor rituals.



[DIY147] Digitalism – Diytalism EP

Release Date : 25. March 2022
Artist : Digitalism
Catalog ref. : DIYNAMIC146