1. Attention Seeker Josh Gigante 1:00
  2. Tanzwerk Jepe 1:00
  3. Folk AIKON 1:00
  4. Music is the way (feat. Klara Sestiniova) Spada 1:00

Four To The Floor 21 is here.

Heading straight for the fast lane is Josh Gigante with „Attention Seeker“. A hypnotic one-note bassline with ritualistic vocals takes you onto a night ride on the highway, until the overdrive kicks in and a sudden chainsaw-sounding lead is giving off sparks.

„Tanzwerk“ by Jepe takes you to a sinister sounding technocratic utopia, where suddenly all the sounds of machine processes align and form a dance floor symphony.

Next on the 21st Four To The Floor is „Folk“ by AIKON, an upbeat affair with slight hints of 80s, New Wave and Acid.

And closing off is „Music is the way“ by Spada feat. Klara Sestiniova, a dreamy end-of-night soundtrack that will definitely provide for a hands-up and eyes-closed moments.


[DIYFTTF21] Various Artists – Four To The Floor 21

Release Date : 22. October 2021
Artists : AIKON, Jeppe, Josh Gigante, Klara Sestiniova, Spada
Catalog ref. : DIYFTTF21