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UNER – Tune432 [CD] UNER - Tune432 [CD]
10,00 Add to Cart UNER is a solid asset in todays international music scene. There is no secret to his rising star: perseverance, responsibility and passion together with his own personal perception of music. All of this is distilled into his long-awaited debut album: TUNE432, released by a label that for the last four years has beentightly...
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Stimming – Stimming [CD] Stimming - Stimming [CD]
10,00 Add to Cart “Freedom in my hand/ A pigeon on the roof” Diynamic Music’s newest release, a full self-titled album by Stimming, once again shows why this label’s artists are some of the most renowned in the music scene.
Pacing through the snowy sand; white beaches that leave marks behind every step; Seagulls chirping, and suddenly a steady...
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David August – Time [CD] David August - Time [CD]
10,00 Add to Cart One of the most interesting artists in the field of music releases his long-awaited debut March 11th 2013. Its titel Times is appropriately chosen, though indeed it seems to be timeless. David August has waited quite a long time, cancelling all gigs for a year to fulfill himself in his musical yearnings in...
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Various Artists – 5 Years Diynamic [CD] Various Artists - 5 Years Diynamic [CD]
10,00 Add to Cart After five years of its highly successful existence, after founding its sister-label 2DIY4, after opening its own club EGO in Hamburg, after sending its artists all around the globe and after having brought more than 50 releases into this world - it's time to celebrate Diynamic's fifth birthday! And this charity-compilation is Diynamic's gift...
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DJ Phono – Welcome To Wherever You’re Not [CD] DJ Phono - Welcome To Wherever You're Not [CD]
10,00 Add to Cart In June 2011 DJ Phono will release his first Album on Hamburg’s record label Diynamic. „Welcome To Wherever You’re Not“ is a work of heart, of emotions - of awakened, flourishing, and unrequited feelings. It’s something of a kind that could neither be accomplis- hed within a nights work nor even in a cycle...
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Stimming – Liquorice [CD] Stimming - Liquorice [CD]
10,00 Add to Cart The new album, Liquorice, from Martin Stimming wasn’t initially planned to be an album. There was an intrinsic need for him to express what was going on in this period of life. Relationship problems led to a very punk, off-whack attitude to his producing. With seven tracks done and dusted, he figured the...
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DIYCD05 – HOSH – Connecting The Dots [CD] DIYCD05 - HOSH - Connecting The Dots [CD]
10,00 Add to Cart Diynamic man, producer and planet spanning DJ, H.O.S.H. - aka German Holger Behn serves up his debut long-player Connecting the Dots for the Hamburg based imprint in the autumn of 2010. Since 2006, H.O.S.H. has been an integral cog in the Diynamic wheel (alongside sometime flat mate and label boss Solomun and frequent...
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