DIY066A – H.O.S.H. presents FOREVER YOUNG – Episode 01


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  1. Golden Area 1:00
  2. Together 1:00
  3. Mirage 1:00
  4. Empire Waste 1:00

H.O.S.H. presents FOREVER YOUNG – Episode 01 (04)

We all had our dreams when we were young. It’s never too late to live them. This is basically what this special series which H.O.S.H. presents us here on Diynamic is all about.

Consisting of 4 Releases with all together 8 Tracks on limited to 500 copies 10″ Vinyls, each of the 8 tracks presents a character of a child dream. All 4 Covers of the series make a puzzle and form together one big picture. 

Also, each release will come along with a special video clearly connected with the theme FOREVER YOUNG and the chosen character.

When all Vinyl and digital releases have been released there will also be one complete Album CD with all the tracks. All together this project is bigger than just an album in which H.O.S.H. invested a lot of time and love.

Aimed for collectors, this is a very special project in every way just as your child dream was. Now go and live it!

A: H.O.S.H. – Lifeguard

B: H.O.S.H. & Stimming – Cowboy

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