1. Keep On (Preview) Wapi 2:00
  2. Don't Go (Preview) Wapi 2:00
  3. Autre (Preview) Wapi 2:00
  4. WHYD (Preview) Wapi 2:00

Digital & Vinyl – 2DIY4_25
UPC: 673790035950 (digital) – 673790035967 (ADM) Release date: 27.11.2020

1. Keep On (04:14 min.)
2. Don’t Go (04:08 min.)
3. Autre (05:49 min.)
4. WHYD (04:33 min.)

The utterly innoncent, undying and unconditional nature of the type of love which is harbored by dogs towards their humans is something to die for.

Hailing from Istanbul, halting in Berlin for education and currently residing in Vienna, the studied producer Wapi (born Cem Erkmen) presents his „Don’t Go“ EP.

And this title, in only two words, perfectly summarizes what this record feels like in four acts: incomprehension of separation; the melancholy of good bye; the slowly fading warmth of touch; and finally, the undying hope and yearning for return.

All this wrapped in gentle but demanding electronica sound.

[2DIY4_25] Wapi – Don’t Go

Release Date : 27. November 2020
Artist : Wapi
Catalog ref. : 2DIY4_25