1. Ya Layt (Preview) WAHM feat. Bani 2:00
  2. Escape (Preview) WAHM 2:00
  3. Oceans (Preview) WAHM feat. Sophia Louise 2:00
  4. Undefeated (Preview) WAHM 2:00

Digital-UPC: 673790036049 | ADM-UPC: 673790036056

Release Date
: 12.02.2020

: 1. WAHM feat. Bani – Ya Layt
2. WAHM – Escape
3. WAHM feat. Sophie Louise – Oceans
4. WAHM – Undefeated

„Escape“ by WAHM is the first Diynamic release of 2021, with the main theme being coalescence: reuniting with a long lost friend; finding inner peace, spirituality and equilibrium in times of turmoil; marrying traditional/retro elements with modern club settings by tapping into a plethora of fields and eras – from old Arabic love songs over 80s electric guitars to contemporary synths.

The result are four expertly crafted melodic indie dance tracks that feel like a storm that went through a porcelain store and laid out a beautiful mosaic.

WAHM, the duo behind this four track EP, are two childhood friends who left Casablanca on separate ways and years later have reconnected in Paris through music. Their backgrounds and what they experienced on their paths becomes palpable on this record. 

[DIY132] WAHM – Escape

Release Date : 12. February 2021
Artist : WAHM
Catalog ref. : DIYNAMIC132