1. About Your Story feat. Stonic Musumeci & Andy Bros 1:00
  2. Bells Of Freedom Musumeci & Lehar 1:00
  3. Go Musumeci & Dodi Palese 1:00
  4. The More I Feel feat. Stefano Proietti Musumeci & Enzo Elia 1:00


DIYNAMIC135 | Digital-UPC: 673790036193 | ADM-UPC: 673790036209 Release Date: 04.06.2021

1. Musumeci & Andy Bros – About Your Story feat. Stonic
2. Musumeci & Lehar – Bells Of Freedom
3. Musumeci & Dodi Palese – Go
4. Musumeci & Enzo Elia – The More I Feel feat. Stefano Proietti

“Discoteca Italiana” is a contemporary interpretation of Italian club music from the past decades by Musumeci and 5 featuring artists.

The EP starts with “About Your Story” a joint opus with Andy Bros. A track with classic drum machines in a distinctive breakbeat pattern combined with orch hits, scratches performed by Italian Red Bull 3style champion Stonic and a voice that reminds us of the important things: “Passion, Soul, Glory”.

The second track on the EP, “Bells of Freedom”, a collaboration with Lehar, picks us up with driving arpeggios and a straight four by four beat.

Followed by “Go” a collaboration with Dodi Palese, a song inspired by a classic dance anthem. Rolling basslines, imposing tom fills and pads with a long release.

The fourth and last track is a symbiosis with Enzo Elia. Tension is created by intrinsically quiet sounds, which are presented to the listener at a habitual more aggressive texture, carried by a spherical chant by Stefano Proietti.


[DIY135] Musumeci – Discoteca Italiana

Release Date : 4. June 2021
Artists : Andy Bros, Dodi Palese, Enzo Elia, Lehar, Musumeci, Stefano Proietti, Stonic
Catalog ref. : DIYNAMIC135