1. Was It (Deep Side Mix) Bionick Amisi & Bob The Groove 2:00
  2. Say Something Featuring Curtis James Simon Mós 2:00
  3. Shadow Dance Eynka 2:00
  4. Clubs No More Middle Sky Boom 2:00

DIYFTTF18 | UPC Digital: 673790036094 | UPC ADM: 673790036100 | Release Date: 23.04.2021

Tracklist: 1. Bionick Amisi & Bob The Groove – Was It (Deep Side Mix) (07:34 min.) 2. Simon Mós – Say Something feat. Curtis James (05:51 min.) 3. Eynka – Shadow Dance (05:57 min.) 4. Middle Sky Boom – Clubs No More (07:31 min.)

After a significant time out for the Four To The Floor brand due to a lack of open dance floors, we have decided to resume the series as an emblem of hope.

Four tracks that carry the sense of longing for the dance floors and the weight of the desire for reunion that has been building up within so many of us.
FTTF18 opens up with Bionick Amisi & Bob The Groove and their „Was It“ – an emotional Melodic House track that has been present in Solomun’s sets before the start of the pandemic. Next is Simon Mós with „Say Something“, a melancholic Microhouse track that features the heartbreaking voice of Curtis James.

Track 3 is „Shadow Dance“ by Eynka wonderful breakbeat symphony laden with moving vocal samples. And closing off the FTTF18 is „Clubs No More“ by Middle Sky Boom, a hypnotic tune that circles your head like a thought you can’t let go – the perfect parable for a DJs mind in lockdown.

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[DIYFTTF18] Various Artists – Four To The Floor 18

Release Date : 23. April 2021
Artists : Bionick Amisi, Bob The Groove, Curtis James, Eynka, Middle Sky Boom, Simon Mós
Catalog ref. : DIYFTTF18