1. Existential Perfection (Existential Mix) Catz 'n Dogz 3:15
  2. Existential Perfection (Reality Mix) Catz 'n Dogz 6:37

Ruffly one year after their „Ayu” EP, Catz `n Dogz return to Diynamic with their next record titled „Existential Perfection”. It features two versions of the track „Existential Perfection”: First up is the „Existential Mix”, an upbeat dance floor theme, ladden with energetic claps, a resolute voice and thunderous horns. This is followed by the „Perfection Mix”, a much more dismal approach that surrounds the aforementioned voice. An almost acid-like bassline, pounding drums and technoid percussions. All in all, a masterful showcase of the versatility by the Polish duo, demonstrating such different results around one central element.

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[DIY134] Catz ’n Dogz – Existential Perfection

Release Date : 14. May 2021
Artist : Catz 'n Dogz
Catalog ref. : DIYNAMIC134