1. Rotweinfleck (Preview) Solomun 2:00
  2. You must understand (Preview) Sejva 2:00
  3. exe.cute (Preivew) Marc DePulse 2:00
  4. Dolce (Preview) gizA djs 2:00

DIYFTTF17 | UPC Digital: 673790035387 | UPC ADM: 673790035394 | Release Date: 21.02.2020

Tracklist: 1. Solomun – Rotweinfleck (08:59 min.)
2. Sejva – You Must Understand (6:52 min.)
3. Marc DePulse – exe.cute (06:59 min.)
4. gizA djs – Dolce (08:49 min.)

The first „Four To The Floor“ of the new decade is on the horizon.
FTTF Edition 17 starts with the track “Rotweinfleck” by Diynamic founder Solomun and it’s a dramatic dancefloor play. Excited percussions lead the way; then suddenly, the main piano theme strikes a chord, shy at first, but in an ever-growing crescendo, until it culminates and unloads its weight like thunder.
Next up is “You Must Understand”, a dark and dizzy grave wave influenced track by Atlanta-native Sejva that sounds like a sinister medieval ritual with monks chanting their hypnotic mantra to brand it into your mind.
Track no. 3 titled “exe.cute” by Marc DePulse is a futuristic melodic Techno tune with a dirty bassline, pairing space-age synthesizer sounds with retro guitar lick aesthetics.
And closing off, gizA djs return to FTTF with the 80s Italo Disco influenced, euphoric dancefloor anthem titled “Dolce”.


[DIYFTTF17] Various Artists – Four To The Floor 17

Release Date : 21. February 2020
Artists : Giza Djs, Marc DePulse, Sejva, Solomun
Catalog ref. : DIYFTTF17