1. Burn For Love Pitto 1:00
  2. Run Away Pitto 1:00
  3. Galaxy Mountains Pitto 1:00
  4. Bumper Pitto 1:00

Summer is slowly coming to an end, and Pitto is bringing you the perfect soundtrack for just that. A four-track EP with a smile on its face and melancholy in its eyes.

First up is Pitto’s „Burn for Love“, featuring Archie Juno on keys. Its uplifting string arpeggios and heartfelt shiny synths make it a proper festival anthem.

Track two „Run Away“ is a stripped down stomper with an 80s bassline, spiced up with bright sprinkles of synth and Pitto’s own singing.

„Galaxy Mountains“, the third track, which again was assisted by Archie Juno on keys, is like an 80s movie set in Miami: constantly shifting between drama and harmony. Think arp bass, choir-esque synths, driving percussions, and a touch of tropical temperatures.

And closing off the record is „Bumper“, which transports you right into a high speed car chase through a small southern Italian town at sunset. After all this excitement, how about we just lay down by the pool and enjoy the last rays of sunshine?

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[DIY139] Pitto – Burn For Love EP

Release Date : 24. September 2021
Artist : Pitto
Catalog ref. : DIYNAMIC139