Adana Twins return to Diynamic with a thunderous 4-track EP titled „1983“, an homage to the sound of the first year Benjamin and Friso spent on Earth.

It starts off with „Clocks“, an eerie Dark Wave, almost Post Punk-ish track that features the vocals of fellow Hamburg act Kraków Loves Adana and sets you right into the 80s.

Title track „1983“ touches back on the EBM sound of the era, with energetic sequenced basslines and a retro synths and sounds, giving you an authentic feel of that time.

Track 3 is titled „Neonlicht“ and is the second feature with Kraków Loves Adana – a slow and hypnotic groove, complete with 808 drums and orchestra hits.

And closing off the record is „Mauro Picasso“, a feature with Phunkadelica that ushers in the Italo Disco era. Robotic vocals and dreamy synths transport you right to the beach clubs of Rimini.

All in all an incredibly versatile record that demonstrates the talents of the Adana Twins at its best.


[DIY138] Adana Twins – 1983

Release Date : 27. August 2021
Artist : Adana Twins
Catalog ref. : DIYNAMIC138