1. Upside Down Grigoré 1:00
  2. Violent Location Waltervelt & Kiko 1:00
  3. Night Fly Cortexmaltex 1:00
  4. 1989 Silver MX 1:00

Diynamic’s ‚Four To The Floor‘ series: what started in 2014 has now reached its 20th edition. 7 years of dance floor weapons, selected and road tested by Solomun. And so far, an end is not in sight.

Edition 20 kicks off with Grigoré’s „Upside Down“. A rapid heartbeat bass line, growing percussions and dramatic choir-esque synths – just the right ingredients for a melancholic dance floor affair. Up next is „Violent Location“ by Waltervelt & Kiko, a sinister soundtrack to a dystopian fantasy and pure after hour gem.

The third track is „Night Fly“ by Cortexmaltex. Its gentle vocals and fragile synth ripples over the driving percussions let you dwell in memories of lovers lost.

And closing of the Four To The Floor 20 is „1989“ by Silver MX, an 80’s anthem that transports you right into an arcade racing game, driving your drop top Lamborghini Countach down Santa Monica Boulevard


[DIYFTTF20] Various Artists – Four To The Floor 20

Release Date : 10. September 2021
Catalog ref. : DIYFTTF20