1. Burning Bridges Tal Fussman 1:00
  2. The Unknown Tal Fussman 1:00
  3. Brio Tal Fussman & Luke Garcia 1:00
  4. Saga Tal Fussman 1:00

Tel Aviv born, Berlin based producer Tal Fussman serves up Diynamic’s first EP of 2022, titled „The Unknown“.Kicking off the record with heat is „Burning Bridges“, a melancholic dance floor workout that makes for closed eyes and hands slowly waving through the air.Title track „The Unknown“ is the reconstruction of fragmented noises reminiscent of old floppy drives and dial-ins, re-arranged into an almost industrial garment that still spells h-o-u-s-e.„Brio“ by Tal Fussman & Luke Garcia is an electronic Storming of the Bastille, with percussive pendants to sounding sirens, rifle shots, cannons and the correspondent „en garde“ battle cry.And finally comes „Saga“, the dreamy theme for the end of an eventful night. Look back one last time and know those memories will stay with you forever.


[DIY144] Tal Fussman – The Unknown

Release Date : 21. January 2022
Artists : Luke Garcia, Tal Fussman
Catalog ref. : DIYNAMIC144