1. Rescue New Spectrum 1:00
  2. Disco Nights New Spectrum 1:00
  3. Eurobelt (So High) New Spectrum 1:00
  4. I Can't Get Enough New Spectrum 1:00

Irish born, Berlin based producer New Spectrum delivers his first Diynamic release. The „Eurobelt“ EP is a showcase of eclecticism, with four tracks ranging from emotional Electronica to upbeat Disco and energetic Breakbeat.

„Rescue“ feels like two people on a search for one another, having a melancholic but euphoric trip along the way.

„Disco Nights“ is a ride through the night with unexpected twists, turns & and flashing lights.

When „I Can’t Get Enough“ starts to play and those percussions hit, it won’t leave you standing still. Dark dance floor energy.

And title track „Eurobelt (So High)“ hits the overdrive – a high octane drone pursuit through a dystopian industrial district. All scanners on high alert.

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[DIY145] New Spectrum – Eurobelt EP

Release Date : 11. February 2022
Artist : New Spectrum
Catalog ref. : DIYNAMIC145