1. Caos Upercent 08:06
  2. Rythm For Me Eclept 07:39
  3. Reflection gizA Djs, Melody Stranger 06:52
  4. Why Should BOg feat. Tim Engelhardt 08:31

DIYFTTF10 | UPC: 4018939327927 | Release Date: 2017-09-01

Tracklist: 1. Upercent – Caos (Original Mix) (08:06 min.) 2. Eclept – Rhythm For Me (Original Mix) (07:39 min.) 3. Giza Djs feat. Melody Stranger – Reflection (Original Mix) (06:52 min.) 4. BOg feat. Tim Engelhardt – Why Should (Original Mix) (08:31 min.)

The 10th edition of “Four To The Floor” is here. Diynamic Music’s very own various artist series, which is always comprised of four dancefloor-oriented tracks that have one special quality in common: they have all been heavily road tested and certified by label boss Solomun on his countless gigs all over the world.

First up is “Caos” by Valencia-based Upercent, a percussion-heavy, densely layered journey through the African Jungle. Next comes straight Techno from Russia, namely “Rhythm for Me” by Eclept. Track 3 called “Reflection” by gizA feat. Melody Stranger is a melodic Tech House production and closing off is dreamy and melancholic Deep House track “Why Should” by BOg feat. Tim Engelhardt.

Solomun playing Upercent - "Caos" at Untold Festival

Here's Solomun (Official) playing Upercent's "Caos" at Untold Festival. The track is out now as part of the "Four To The Floor 10" Various Artists EP. Get it here: www.beatport.com/release/four-to-the-floor-10/2091965

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[DIYFTTF10] Various Artists – Four To The Floor 10

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Title : Four To The Floor 10
Release Date : 1. September 2017
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Catalog ref. : DIYFTTF10