DIY116 – Adana Twins – Picture: Adana Twins [VINYL]


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  1. My Computer ft. Glowal (Preview) Adana Twins 2:00
  2. Agonist (Original Mix) (Preview) Adana Twins 2:00
  3. Maoa (Original Mix) (Preview) Adana Twins 2:00
  4. C3PO (Original Mix) (Preview) Adana Twins 2:00
  5. Nobis (Original Mix) (Preview) Adana Twins 2:00
  6. Little Karlo (Original Mix) (Preview) Adana Twins 2:00

DIYNAMIC116 | Digital-UPC: 673790034922| Vinyl-UPC: 673790034915 | MfiT- UPC: 673790034939

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Tracklist: 1 Adana Twins – My Computer feat. Glowal (08:35 min.) / 2 Adana Twins – Agonist (07:33 min.) / 3 Adana Twins – Maoa (06:34 min.) / 4 Adana Twins – C3PO (07:38 min.) / 5 Adana Twins – Nobis (06:03 min.) / 6 Adana Twins – Little Karlo (06:03 min.)

Tracklist: A1 Adana Twins – My Computer feat. Glowal (08:35 min.) / B1 Adana Twins – Agonist (07:33 min.) / B2 Adana Twins – Maoa (06:34 min.) / C1 Adana Twins – C3PO (07:38 min.) / D1 Adana Twins – Nobis (06:03 min.) / D2 Adana Twins – Little Karlo (06:03 min.)

“Picture: Adana Twins” showcases the Hamburg duo’s heavy production skills and finally unveils some long awaited gems that have had the Insta-sphere asking for track IDs for months. From laidback house vibes to soaring techno, the sixth instalment of the Picture series covers the artists’ full spectrum.

Diynamic Music’s „Picture:“ series is a document in time, showcasing an artist’s current creative output in order to allow the listener to visualise and understand the artist at a certain moment. It is not an album format, but far more than merely an EP. “Picture:” is various dancefloor-oriented facettes of one producer, shaping the imagery that ultimately results in the listeners mind.


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