DIY143 – Johannes Brecht – Picture: Johannes Brecht (2LP, white vinyl)


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  1. No More Johannes Brecht (feat. Fetsum) 1:00
  2. Higher Ground Johannes Brecht 1:00
  3. I Believe In You Johannes Brecht 1:00
  4. Currency Johannes Brecht (feat. Kat Vinter) 1:00
  5. Desire Johannes Brecht 1:00
  6. Wealth Johannes Brecht 1:00

The final Diynamic release of the year is simultaneously a jubilee, as Johannes Brecht is hosting the 10th edition of the „Picture:“.

The ‚Picture:’ series of Diynamic is a document in time, showcasing an artist’s current creative output in order to allow the listener to visualize and understand the artist in a certain period. It is a mini-album with various dancefloor-oriented facettes of one producer, shaping the imagery that ultimately results in the listeners mind.

If you are familiar with Johannes’s work, which is deeply rooted in Jazz and Classical music, you can expect this 4/4 electronic record to be as analogue as you can possibly imagine, with sonic textures ranging from vigorously raspy to velvety smooth – so vivid you can almost feel them with your fingertips. This organic feel has always been a focus and forté of Johannes’ – using analogue synthesizers and hardware instead of relying entirely on a DAW; recording live orchestral instruments, played by humans (mostly himself), instead of programming midi notes on VST plugins. It’s this attitude that makes his sound so rich and vivacious.

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