DIY107 – Raxon – Destiny EP [VINYL]


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  1. Future Past 2:00
  2. Destiny 2:00
  3. Enter Galactic 2:00

DIYNAMIC107 | Digital-UPC: 673790034335 | Vinyl UPC: 673790034328 Release Date: 30.11.2018

Tracklist: 1 Raxon – Future Past (7:25 min) / 2 Raxon – Destiny (6:22 min) / 3 Raxon – Enter Galactic (8:08 min)

Vinyl: A1 Raxon – Future Past (7:25 min) / A2 Raxon – Destiny (6:22 min) / B1 Raxon – Enter Galactic (8:08 min)

Is now still now or has that already passed? Raxon’s “Destiny” EP is the beating rhythm of nightlife, the perpetual motion that keeps dancers on the floor for hours on end. Add a pinch of strobe light, and you have the recipe for those glorious moments where you look at your friends’ grinning faces, clenching your fists, unable to believe the purity of this moment – a moment out of time.

Raxon - Destiny EP out now

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