2DIY4_11 – Lana Del Rey – West Coast (Solomun Remix) [VINYL]


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  1. Westcoast(Solomun Dub Remix) 1:03
  2. Westcoast(Solomun Remix) 1:06

12″ – Digital
2DIY4_11 UPC: 827170574762 Digital Release: ##.11.2014 Vinyl: 17.11.2014

300 copies

Tracklist 12″: A1 Lana Del Rey – West Coast (Solomun Dub Remix) 08:07 min | B1 Lana Del Rey – West Coast (Solomun Remix) 08:07 min

True to the motto „Do It Yourself“ Diynamic is re-releasing Solomun’s remix of Lana Del Rey’s “West Coast” on its sister-label 2DIY4, in order to make it available all around the globe.
In his subtle manner, Solomun works his magic around the breathless sultry vocals of Lana Del Rey: Apart from the luscious beat and the droning lower frequencies, the catchy synthesizer builds a simple, but harmonic structure that sends you on a mesmerizing journey throughout the track.

The a-side, which is the dub remix, has already proven to be raising hands on festivals and in clubs during this summer all over the world, the b-side attracts the listener with the matchless voice of Lana del Rey.

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