2DIY4_13 – Abby – Halo Remixes [VINYL]



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  1. Golden Area Undercatt 08:03
  2. Together Denite & The Liquid Mirror 05:39
  3. Mirage Anton Dhouran 07:15
  4. Empire Waste BLOT! feat. Lifafa 06:00

12″ – Digital

2DIY4_13 UPC: 827170597563 Digital Release: 21.08.2015

Tracklist 12”:  1/A1 Abby – Halo (Original Mix) 05:16 min | 2/A2 Abby – Halo (H.O.S.H.’s Boy Remix)  09:20 min | 3/B1 Abby – Halo (H.O.S.H.’s Girl Remix) 08:19 min | 4/B2 Abby – Halo (Thyladomid Remix) 07:16 min

Diynamic’s sister label 2DIY4 is ready to unleash its next great release, and this time it is a remix EP that revisits the fine original work of Abby’s ‘Halo’ track. Abby is an experimental, four piece Berlin-based band who had great success with their ‘Halo’ cut. Now Diynamic regulars Thyladomid and H.O.S.H. both remix it.

The track is included in original form to get things going and is a stirring, deeply moody electronic cut with emotive vocals, lush guitars and floating atmospheres that really sweep you up. It has slowly tumbling beats that move you from one place to another and glistens and glows with rich musicality. 

H.O.S.H.’s Boy Mix layers in some frazzled chords, a rising sense of tension and big rubbery drums. The vocals remain in refracted form and nervy, knife edgy synth sounds really make the track sound urgent and compelling – it is sure to rule on dance floors as a result. 

The Girl Mix is another texture affair with squelch percussion and whirring machines married to lush organic synths and pads. Pitched down vocals lend it a Diynamic feel and once again this epic bit of tech is sure to wander all over the world this late summer. 

Thyladomid then remixes with a melancholic, low slung style that really sucks you in. Piano chords and long tailed pads wrap round the rubber beats and you surf along, deep in thought. 

This is a stunning package full of real emotion that is sure to make for some teary moments on the dance floor. 

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