2DIY4_21 – minds&machines – Silenced Nothing [VINYL]


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  1. Silenced 2:00
  2. Nothing 1:00
  3. 9 2:00
  4. Revived 2:09

Digital & Vinyl – 2DIY4_21
UPC: 673790034540 (digital) – 673790034540 (vinyl) Release date: 8th March 2019

1./A1 minds&machines–Silenced(04.01.min.) 2./A2 minds&machines–Nothing(04.06.min.) 3./B1 minds&machines–9(03.33.min.)
4./B2 minds&machines–Revived(04.26.min.)

They say great minds think alike; but anyone, who has ever felt an inexplicable connection to someone else, knows that a particular spirit can do so much more than that: we inspire one another, query, support, empower, revise perspectives, and arrive at conclusions otherwise unreachable to us.

German duo minds&machines – without a space in between – when two become one – is an ethos of two distinct individuals unifying their creative paths.

The result is “Silenced / Nothing”, with its hint of garage, hint of electronica, and hint of ambient all very much remaining on a divergent route.


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